About Us

Trident Esports is a premiere organization currently located in the Oceanic Region. Well established now since its inception in 2012, Trident is no stranger to the Esports scene having fielded many teams across a multitude of titles and platforms and taking the name to the international stage. We aim to consistently push the top tier of Oceanic Esports and deliver well prepared and skilled teams to the Region. We are strong believers in the advancement and future of eSports in our region and as a top tier organization, we think it our responsibility to do everything in our power to ensure the Region continues to move forward. 

2018 was a great year for Trident as we reestablish ourselves further in the Esports scene, and we hope to keep a firm grip on the competition. We look forward to sharing this journey with our loyal fans and the wider Esports community.


  • Cody "BlackJackFx" Smith

    OWNER / Chief Executive Officer

    Currently Founder and CEO, I've had a dream, a dream to create a brand, an organization that will help put OCE esports on the map! My vision rapidly took off and my dreams became reality when Trident Esports was born. Whilst this started out as a hobby for myself, it turned into something much more and even I have been astounded at what has come from this dream. I've created a family that has seen players grow as gamers and as individuals. It is hard at times dealing with young teenage players but I have been there to mentor them and show them the right path in their esports journey. Day to day I will liaise with Trident Management about how things are running and making sure it is always in line with Trident vision. I'm always looking at new and exciting avenues that Trident can venture on.

  • Josh "Austwel" Schulze

    Chief Of Operations

    As a long-standing member of the Trident family, first experiencing esports while playing competitive Counter-strike: Global Offensive, Josh has a long history in the Australian esports scene. After meeting the Trident community through fellow players, Josh first entered the organisation as a Content Writer and Social Media Manager. Josh has most recently been working as Chief of Operations at Trident, managing the daily operations of the organisation. He is currently focusing on expanding Trident and creating a positive community between players. While being a strong member of the esports community, Josh has also been studying a Bachelor of Information Technology at QUT, and further developing his esports skills at QUT's university backed esports program.

  • keith "avalon" brown

    Team Operations manager

    I have been involved in OCE esports since 2011 and have taken up various roles from being a player myself to being a coach, analyst and a manager. This is across many games (Team Fortress 2, Smite and Overwatch) and organisations that I have been apart of, giving me many years and a wide variety of experience that I am using within Trident Esports. Along with this I am a first year university student studying game development, hoping to invest a lot of effort, work and time into helping grow OCE esports in anyway possible.

  • Mathew D'Onofrio

    head of partnerships and sales

  • Aeia

    Social Media Manager

    I am a third year uni student that is very passionate about esports, particularly my local OCE scene! I've been actively involved as a fan, volunteer and casual worker at events for around 5 years now. One day I would love to manage a team in-house, but for now I'm just learning as much as I can. Hope to see you around!